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Week 7 - April 10, 2011 (no Gallery for Pix)

This past week has been routine, uneventful, almost boring – which is exactly the way the Trustees like it!!!

The primary activity was the laying of the new epoxy coat floor. After some very difficult preparation work, the High Traffic Flooring Company personnel went through the somewhat complex process of building the new floor a layer at a time. It was quite interesting and although you cannot experience it in its entirety, there is a small container of the “color flakes” sitting on the pedestal that holds this report for you to see and feel. It is amazing how these thin flakes become a very attractive and durable floor.

The fellowship area & kitchen floor is complete and will be “cured out” enough for us to resume some construction activities beginning Monday. It will be ready for foot traffic on Tuesday night when the first of our scheduled “work nights” is to take place beginning @ 6:00.

The area inside the parking lot entrance is on a different schedule and will not be ready for traffic until next Thursday or Friday, so you will continue to see it cordoned off. It will be open for use beginning next Sunday.

As you begin to use the parking lot door again, you will notice a new door has been installed. Thanks to the skills and efforts of Jason Rittenhouse and his dad, Lucky Rittenhouse, a complete new door and door frame has been installed. This will provide a much more energy efficient situation and, with the new epoxy threshold (which you cannot see), it will seal against water seeping in from outside.

In addition to the scheduled work nights, this week will also see excavation on the Plattsburg Road side as Wiseman and Sons complete the task of hooking the sump pump lines into the county storm sewer. This will provide a more secure and dependable outlet for the water being pumped from the church sump pumps.

The new ranges and microwaves will be arriving and be installed on Monday. We will also be installing a specially designed storage unit built by Gary Aldridge that will provide a place to store extra 5 gallon bottles of water for the new water cooler and also will house a roll out waste basket for use in the kitchen area. The Tuesday and Wednesday night work crews will be putting the finishing touches on the fellowship area and will be moving the furnishings for that area back into place.

All this is in preparation for the arrival of the cabinets, counter top, serving line, etc. from Dale Paugh’s company on Friday. The installation is scheduled to begin the following Monday and is to be done by Wednesday. When the installation is complete, there will be many final tasks to be completed in order to have things ready for the “Resurrection Breakfast”, so please make us aware if you are available to help on Friday or Saturday of the week before Easter.


If you have not yet responded to the “Campaign 165” committee with your contribution or pledge, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you have questions, contact Gordon Flax.

Week 8 - April 17, 2011 (see Gallery for Pix)

This will be the final edition of the weekly “newsletter”. According to the master plan, by this time next week each of you should be enjoying the “Resurrection Breakfast” that is being served from the newly renovated kitchen while dining in the newly renovated Fellowship Area!! Notice we left a little room for unexpected problems that might cause a delay, but we hope not.

This week’s activities included the installation of the new floor inside the door to the parking lot. That was complete on Wednesday and the flooring company installed the cove molding on Friday evening. Their work is now complete.

Wiseman and Sons installed the new lines to the storm sewer along Plattsburg Road and hooked in the sump pumps, and downspouts from the main portion of the church. They also dug up the tile by the red storage barn and the Trustees installed a new drain line that hooks the downspouts from the newer addition into drain lines.

There were 13 people on hand on Tuesday evening to touch up paint, clean light fixtures, paint doors, etc. Then on Wednesday evening, 15 people came to help move everything from the Fellowship area that has been in the nursery room for 7 weeks back down into the Fellowship area. The only major task yet to be completed is move the piano from the second floor to the first. Because the landing floor was not yet “cured” enough for traffic, that task was delayed until Monday evening.

The most exciting news this week was the notification last Sunday afternoon that when the scheduled Monday delivery of the new ranges and microwaves was made, there would be a new stainless steel French door refrigerator on the truck for us. It was paid for by persons who have chosen to remain anonymous.

That gift set the stage for the Trustees to decide what to do with the old refrigerator. The decision was made to take sealed bids through Wednesday @ 7:00 P.M. on the unit. The highest bidder will be notified and the one condition of the sale is that it be removed by the end of the evening on Friday. Proceeds will go into the “Campaign 165” account. Bids can be placed in the Trustee mailbox in the front hall or handed to a Trustee.

The installation crew from Ideal Image will begin work on Monday morning. They have told us they intend to be done by the end of the work day on Wednesday. We will begin a myriad of final tasks on Thursday and Friday to ready things for next Sunday. Jeremy Flax, with help from Jay & Justin will be installing the ceramic wall tile above the sinks and between the new cupboards and base cabinets during the week.

Then comes the final task. The plan is to clean the entire church, both upper and lower levels, because they have accumulated a great deal of dust and debris over the past 8 weeks. This will not only be cleaning furniture and floors, but also getting the kitchen utensils out of the dungeon and cleaning them as well as setting up the Fellowship area for Sunday’s breakfast. Right now we have 11 people signed up to help. That is great, but at least three times that many could be working without any problem and the work could be done very quickly with a minimum of effort from each person. So please consider scheduling a couple hours in your day next Saturday beginning @ 9:00 A.M. to help bring this project to a close.


If you have not yet responded to the “Campaign 165” committee with your contribution or pledge, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you have questions, contact Gordon Flax.